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Radioactive warning label causes concern in Cache Valley


CACHE VALLEY, Utah — Somebody found a warning about radioactive material in the crawl space of their home in Cache Valley, and it caused quite the uproar of concern across the internet for a while.

Reddit user mosaltedchipz posted a photo of an old metal lid that said “radioactive material,” with a warning that people should stay three feet away at least.

They weren’t quite sure what the lid was so they did what people do nowadays — they posted it on Reddit.

Many people expressed concern about it online over the weekend where the post gained well over 45,000 upvotes and plenty of concerned Redditors posting the numbers of government agencies.

The Herald-Journal says the Division of Waste Management was notified and went over on Monday and the poster updated those concerned should stop contacting their local authorities and the FBI.

They say the lid appears to be from the 1950s and may at one time have been used to transport radioactive material, but there’s no trace of anything dangerous now. Just dust.