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Costco-themed party goes viral

Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez prepare for the birthday party. Courtesy the Gonzalez Family.

Mason Gonzalez’s first birthday party was LIT! At least that’s what his parents said about it on Reddit.

The couple decided to throw a Costco-themed birthday party for their 1-year-old “employee of the year” son Mason.

The decision came not because of their son’s love of large discounts and bulk toilet paper but because of dad Sebastian’s love for the wholesaler.

“He has always loved Costco,” mom Josie told TODAY Parents. “He rolls through the aisles of Costco like Julie Andrews in the opening scene of ‘The Sound of Music.'”

She even said that her husband was in the parking lot of a Costco when he called her father to tell him his plans to propose to her.

The couple went all out with the theme. Baby Mason was honored as the employee of the year after gaining the title of employee of the month 12 months of the year.

Courtesy The Gonzalez Family

There were nametags made, aprons affixed and sample trays done up. Even the dog wasn’t spared from getting price tag affixed. He was a great deal, by the way: 74 pounds of Golden Retriever for free.

The internet loved the idea.

“I’ll take one case of Sampson please!” one Redditor wrote.

“Case? I’ll have a pallet!” another wrote.

We just hope everyone didn’t fill up on the samples.