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Troopers, deputies hit and nearly hit in Wednesday’s storm

Picture: Summit County Sheriff's office

SALT LAKE CITY — There have been seven highway patrol trooper vehicles hit by sliding or speeding cars while responding to accidents and stranded drivers as snowstorms have rolled in across the Wasatch Front.

Utah Highway Patrol Colonel Mike Rapich says the only reason that you’ll see a trooper on the side of the road with their lights on is that there is a problem, and motorists need to make sure they slow down and move over in order to help keep everyone safe.

“If you see flashing lights, know that there’s a problem.  Troopers are not out doing traffic enforcement, that’s not a traffic stop. They are not out doing something that is not critical. The only reason we are out there on the freeway with our flashing lights is because there is a problem, and you going by at freeway speeds is not a good idea.”


Lt. Andrew Wright says one of the troopers was struck this morning in Summit County on Highway 40 just after responding to another deputy who was almost hit. He says people just need to slow down and pay attention.

“An unlicensed driver was going too fast, and he had bald tires, and rear-ended the highway patrol trooper. Luckily for our deputy, this vehicle went in between our deputy’s vehicle and the cement barrier ”