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Maliheh Free Clinic

The Maliheh Free Clinic is on a mission to reverse the cycle of poverty and suffering created by poor health, by providing free, high-quality medical care to low-income, uninsured Utah families. They treat everyone with respect, fairness, and compassion so no one leaves without hope.

Access to regular health care significantly contributes to the well-being of the entire community. Medical care provided in an emergency room setting does not include preventive care, is not cost effective, and impacts the cost of health care for everyone. Untreated chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension often result in the loss of employment and the inability to care for one’s family.

The Maliheh Free Clinic is a medical facility for over six thousand individuals in the community. These families have no health insurance and are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, or homeless services. The Clinic is run by a small staff and over six hundred caring volunteers.

SelectHealth recognizes the life changing services provided by the Maliheh Free Clinic as another example of how Utah Gives Back.