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Gas leak in Midvale forces evacuation, dismissal of high school

Photo: John Wojcik, KSL

MIDVALE, Utah — A Canyons School District official confirmed that Hillcrest High School in Midvale was evacuated Wednesday morning due to a natural gas leak.

The district sent busses to the school to keep the students warm while they waited to be allowed back inside. Within just a short amount of time, KSL reporter Garna Mejia said students were sent home instead.

Traffic was also affected as 900 East was closed and traffic was diverted.

Spokesman Jeff Haney confirmed that school is canceled so they can ensure the school is safe.

“At this point what we have done is we have cancelled school for the day,” he explains. “We’ll be working with the fire department to clear any dangerous pollutants in the air.”

Haney said that parents and guardians would be informed through their emergency alerts system when and where to pick their children up.

KSL’s reporters on scene were told students would be bussed to a nearby church building.

“We got all students off of the campus safely and to our off-site locations,” says Haney. “We evacuated immediately to an off-site location, we also dispatched ten to twelve busses.”

Haney said the leak was traced to a 500 gallon propane tank being used by construction crews on the campus.

According to him, it tipped overnight and gas started to slowly leak in the area.

He says the amount of gas that got into the building was minimal and mainly concentrated to the school gymnasium.

At this point, school officials are planning on everything being back to normal by tomorrow.

“We’ll be working with Unified Police to make sure that we have a safe campus for our students tomorrow, but all plans are that we will hold school tomorrow morning,” says Haney.