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How The Community is Coming Together to Help UVU Student Jag Martin Get an Accessible Van! And You Can Help Too!

Photo: Jag Martin

This article about earning money to get Jag Martin a new van is sponsored by Alpine Home Medical.

Jag Martin says he was told, “in India, disabled people don’t really have a chance at a good life”. Jag was adopted from India as a small child but he’s lived in the Salt Lake Valley most of his life. After graduating from Riverton High School, he now attends Utah Valley University and plans to earn his bachelor’s degree.

Why Jag Martin Should Have a Van

Jag travels on his wheelchair, rain or snow, every day from Riverton to Orem. And often he has to commute in the road because the sidewalks are not clear. Especially in poor weather conditions. This adds up to around a 3.5-hour commute on his wheelchair every single day. He says:

“It’s 3 miles from my house to the Front Runner. It is such a long distance and it’s hills. Like, I have to be wary of what my chair can do in the winter.”

“It’s not really shoveled very well. Or sometimes I have to go right on the side of the street which is kind of sketchy, you know? I’ve actually been hit like four or five times I think in my wheelchair. Luckily my chair took the brunt of the impact.”

Photo: Jag Martin

Jag is attending Utah Valley University where he is majoring in Journalism, minoring in Political Science. He wants to be a play by play announcer for the NBA so he made Journalism his major as soon as he enrolled in college. He says he knew that’s what it would take to be involved in sports the way he wants to be.

Photo: Jag Martin

Together with the strong support of the community, B in Motion & Alpine Home Medical are trying to help Jag in his day to day life. They want to raise enough money to buy Jag a brand new van. Jag has been evaluated and has been approved to drive with the correct extensions added to the vehicle.  B in Motion & Alpine Home Medical are working with United Access in Sandy, UT to get the van. But the modifications themselves are pricey. Alpine Home Medical and B in Motion thank Koko Kimball at United Access who has worked with Alpine to donate many additional parts and labor to the van.

Photo: Jag Martin


Jag Would Love Your Support

Check out his GoFundMe page and if you feel so inclined please make a donation. Also, if any business would like to sponsor these efforts to help Jag with his mobility, please email