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Five car pileup on I-15 after passengers call for rideshare

Photo DPS

SPRINGVILLE, Utah — The Utah Highway Patrol is investigating a wild crash on I-15 that involved a rideshare driver who was trying to pick up somebody along the freeway in Springville.

Troopers say a pickup truck ran out of gas on southbound I-15 Thursday around 4 pm and got stranded. That driver then stopped on the left shoulder and used a ride-share app to summon someone to come pick them up.

The issue then came when Troopers say the ride-share driver stopped on the wrong side of the freeway to pick the passenger up pulled over to the right, on the opposite side of the freeway. That rideshare driver then cut across all southbound lanes of the freeway to get to the stranded passengers.

The car didn’t make it, and caused a five-car pileup. The rideshare driver was hit by a pickup truck, then two semi-trucks couldn’t stop and crashed and a vehicle behind them crashed as well.

Through it all there were only minor injuries to that ride-share driver in all the mess. It caused southbound backups past Provo Center Street.