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Utah woman sends warning about hair dye after a bad reaction sent her to the hospital

(Photo KSLTV)

MAGNA, Utah — A woman is recovering from a severe allergic reaction after unknowingly using expired hair dye.

She bought it at a grocery store, and now has a warning for others.

“My scalp was burned, like bright red,” said Amanda Ortega. “Big scabs and it was just oozing stuff out of them.”

Ortega ended up having to go to the hospital three times, telling KSL TV her face and eyes became swollen, and then she had trouble breathing.

Ortega says she bought the box of hair dye on sale from a Smith’s in Magna. She didn’t see the writing on the box until later — tiny lettering showed an expiration date of August 2017.

“It’s been years, I just dye it the same color but this is the first time that I’ve used the box dyes,” she said.

Smith’s issued a statement saying, “We have been in contact with the customer and a claim has been filed. We take these matters seriously and we will continue to investigate the unfortunate occurrence.”