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Water main break in Layton leads to ammonia leak

A water main leak triggered a small ammonia leak at a Smith's Distrobution Facility in Layton according to firefighters. (Photo: John Wojcik | KSLNewsRadio)

LAYTON, Utah — A large water main break under a Smith’s Distribution center in Layton caused a tank of ammonia to begin leaking, according to the Layton City Fire Department.

Battalion Chief Jason Cook says his department received a call around 5 a.m. in response to a fire alarm at the compound at 500 Sugar Street between Hill Field Rd. and Layton Pkwy.

When firefighters arrived, Cook says they discovered that the alarm was triggered by leaking ammonia. Crews evacuated the area as a precaution. The ammonia on the site is used as a refrigerant throughout the facility.

Cook says the ammonia leak was caused after a large water main break happened under the bakery building on the compound. The water main break eroded the soil under where the ammonia was stored, shifting the concrete enough that the tanks leaked. He says that both the ammonia leak and water main leak have been stopped, but it may take a few days for repairs to be finished.

Cook says there were no injuries as a result of the leak. He expects crews to soon locate and fix the leaking water main.