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Austin Brown
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Layton mom shares story of dog attack

LAYTON, Utah — Austin Brown is doing well after he lost his hand and half of his right arm in March.

Hope Brown told KSLTV that her four-year-old is an “‘I can do it’ boy. He has figured out how to do everything with what we call his little arm.”

Austin was playing in the backyard when he lost his arm in March after two Huskies from the neighbor’s yard got ahold of his arm from underneath the fence.

“I was terrified. I was so scared,” she said. “It was just like in complete shock. Nothing could have ever prepared me for that. You think dog bite, you think bites. You don’t realize like being eaten like that.”

Brown is speaking out for the first time since her son lost his arm and says she wasn’t expecting all of the hate that came after their story went viral. Hateful messages and even death threats came rolling in.

“Don’t blame the dogs for you being a terrible mom”

“Your son should not have been provoking that husky!”

“I hope you rot in Hell”

Those are just a few that she read to KSLTV’s Dan Rascon.

“Just the shock that people were attacking us that way. That they were saying such horrible things,” she says. “It’s just maddening that people would put this on a three-year-old. This was our sanctuary. This was our home.”

Those threats and attacks didn’t just stay online Bown says, they even happened in public.

“This guy, unfortunately, looked at [Austin] and said, ‘oh you’re that kid, bet you learned your lesson didn’t you,’” she said.


You can find the rest of the story on as well as a link to a GoFundMe account set up to help with the family’s medical expences.