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Drivers urged to be cautious as more than two feet of snow are predicted for northern Utah canyons

(Steve Griffin, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY – The storm that’s already begun bringing rain and snow to northern Utah has law enforcement and UDOT urging drivers to lay off the gas pedal.

Zach Whitney with UDOT says their crews are working constantly to plow snow and salt the roads, but some canyons could pick up as much as three feet of snow, which could come down quickly.

“Even though we are trying our very hardest, the intensity of that storm sometimes is more than even plows can keep up with,” Whitney says.

And that is why they are urging drivers to be cautious and slow down.

“We need drivers to be aware particularly in the canyons like Sardine, like the Cottonwoods, where we have traction law restrictions that could go into place,” Whitney says.

The Utah Highway Patrol will also be running extra patrols as a precaution.

Some crashes have already been reported in the canyons, with officers saying speed is most likely a factor in those accidents.

Ski resorts are also preparing for the snow. Andria Huskinson with Alta Ski Area says their patrols will go out bright and early tomorrow morning to make sure the runs are safe.

“They go out and ski cut it. They do try to see if it’s going to avalanche [because] they want to make sure that they’ve got everything ready,” Huskinson says.