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4 injured when SUV crashes into St. George In-N-Out

St. George News reports that four people were injured by a driver who mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and crashed into an In-N-Out restaurant in Washington City. (Photo Credit, ST. GEORGE NEWS)

SALT LAKE CITY — Witnesses in St. George say that one car accident led to another accident on Saturday afternoon in Washington City.

According to St. George News, an elderly couple was driving south on Telegraph Street when they hit a pedestrian.

St. George News reports that the pedestrian “brushed off” the accident, but the elderly man behind the wheel panicked.

Washington City Lt. Kory Klotz says the driver may have meant to stop, but instead he hit the gas pedal.

That’s when the driver crashed into the north side In-N-Out building.

The small SUV hit the building so hard, that it caved a portion of the wall inward and even went so far as to damage some of the restaurant’s seating.

Lt. Klotz says at least four people were hit inside the restaurant. St. George News reports that two of them were taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center.

The elderly couple in the SUV were also injured and taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Police say that the elderly driver did not appear to be impaired, but additional testing will be done.

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