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“No Parking” signs appear around homeless resource center

Richard McDonald poses for a photo next to his car, which he’s resorted to parking in a nearby neighborhood after “No Parking” signs went up on the street outside the men’s resource center in South Salt Lake, on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019. Photo: Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

“No Parking” signs have popped up on 1000 West around a new men’s shelter in South Salt Lake, with people who use the facility complaining they may keep some from using the homeless resource center.

The signs appeared around the beginning of December and restrict parking on both sides of the dead-end street.

One man told the Deseret News his car is his lifeline as he searches for jobs and waits for housing, but he’s afraid of his car getting towed. He has to park nearly a half-mile away in a neighborhood and then walk to the homeless resource center.

But South Salt Lake officials this was always going to be the case from the planning stages. The road is too narrow for on-street parking for emergency vehicles to come through. And they say designers told them clients didn’t have cars and would come on foot.

South Salt Lake police told the paper they have not impounded cars yet during this grace period.

There’s talk that one of the homes the county bought around the center could be turned into a parking lot.