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Moderate Utah Democrat to vote yes on Pres. Trump impeachment

Utah Representative Ben McAdams announces he will vote yes to impeach President Trump. (Photo credit: Dereck Peterson, KSLTV)

MURRAY, Ut — Moderate Utah Democrat Ben McAdams says he will vote to impeach President Donald Trump. McAdams holds a seat in a largely Republican district.

He said Monday that Mr. Trump abused the power of his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate the former Vice President Joe Biden’s family.

“My duty is to the Constitution and to our country, “McAdams said.  “What the president did was wrong. His actions warrant accountability. I cannot turn a blind eye, thereby condoning this president and future presidents, Republican or Democrat, to do the same,” McAdams said.

He also rebuked members of both parties and said he trusted voters to decide Mr. Trump’s ultimate political fate.

The announcement comes ahead of a tough re-election race in a suburban Salt Lake City district that McAdams narrowly flipped last year.