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Dad goes viral for “embarrassing” his daughter at the airport

(Photo: Courtney Payne | Twitter)

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — It’s the busiest travel time of the year. Millions are making trips across the country to be with friends or family – and one dad has gone viral for his antics while picking up his daughter.

Doug Payne, 53, from the Kansas City area has always been waiting at the airport to pick up his daughter when she’s coming home to visit, and he always makes an impression.

That’s because he shows up in some pretty creative costumes.

His daughter Courtney is currently a graduate student in Oregon. She tells People that her dad started his hijinks when she returned home in 2018. That time, he showed up holding a sign that simply said “Kardashian.”

She documented that first joke on her Snapchat simply saying “Help.”

Doug Payne holds up a sign for Kardashian while waiting for his daughter Courtney at the airport. (Photo Courtney Payne | Twitter)

“He’s always been a comedian,” she says.

When she returned the next time her dad showed up with a bigger and brighter sign that read, “Welcome to KC Miss Oregon Courtney Payne.

Doug Payne holds a sign saying Welcome to KC Miss Oregon Courtney Payne (Photo Courtney Payne | Twitter)

[It] wasn’t a lie,” Doug jokes to PEOPLE, “she is a miss and from Oregon.”

Courtney kept documenting her dad’s creative signs and posted them all on her Twitter account after he showed up fully dressed as one of Santa’s elves with a glittery sign that said she had ended up on Santa’s naughty list.


That tweet has since gone viral, receiving more than 5,000 retweets and over 56,000 likes. Courtney says that she has seen an outpouring of positive comments.

“I was sending my sister some of the replies, and some of them were kinda sad,” she tells PEOPLE. “Girls were posting things like, ‘I wish my family cared about me’ or ‘I wish my dad would do something like this, you’re so lucky.’”

“That kinda put it into perspective,” she continues. “We’re lucky to say he cares so much and our parents have always been there… I think my friends in Oregon can tell even though I live out there, I still have a really close family and we talk all the time and you see it through this kind of stuff. It’s very special.”

Courtney told KSL NewsRadio all the attention has been a ton of fun.