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avalanche northern utah
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Another avalanche triggered near same location of fatal slide; no injuries reported

A snowboarder was killed after triggering an avalanche near a Utah ski resort on Sunday morning. He has been identified as 45-year-old Raymond M. Tauszik of Salt Lake City. (Photo credit: Utah Avalanche Center)

SALT LAKE CITY – A second avalanche triggered in the Dutch Draw area just days after a slide took the life of Matt Tauszik from Salt Lake City.

Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez says a skier using a snow kite appears to have triggered the avalanche, but he says no one was hurt or buried. He did urge those who ski in the backcountry to report the slide to authorities by calling 911 or his office.

He says they need as many details as possible like GPS coordinates and general location. This will ensure crews responding to the avalanche do not put themselves in danger as well.

Martinez also says it is not a criminal offense to trigger a slide, so no action will be taken when someone reports it.

Backcountry visitors were reminded to check avalanche conditions, take proper equipment, go with someone, and let family and friends know where you plan on going.