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Utah County Commission approves 67.4% tax hike

FILE Utah County Comission meeting in Provo from Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017

UTAH COUNTY — Utah County residents are going to have a large property tax hike.

The Utah County Commission voted yes on a bill that would raise property tax from the county by 67.4%, but they did so with a caveat.

The three county commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of the measure and said they would revisit the decision in June where they will evaluate whether this tax increase would be needed to balance the budget. This accounting would be done they say after accounting for $10 million sale of the North County Equestrian Park.

The public meeting had nearly 7 hours of public comment on Tuesday, this after hours of debate the week before.

Most people spoke out against it.

Deputy Clerk Josh Daniels says┬áthat Utah County has the lowest property tax rate in the state and that status would likely still be kept if the tax increase is passed. Citizens also say that some residents are thinking about putting forward a citizen’s referendum to fight the tax hike.