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Utahns rally for impeachment in downtown Salt Lake City

Courtesy KSL TV

SALT LAKE CITY — A few hundred people held signs outside the Federal Building downtown Tuesday night on the eve of the House impeachment vote.

They held signs saying, “Trump is not above the law,” or, “Impeach Trump.” Other signs praised Rep. Ben McAdams, Utah’s lone Democratic congressional representative, for saying this week that he would vote yes.

“I am sick of a man who has been associated with crime, who has been associated with child trafficking, who has been associated with illegal business practices forever,” Ryan Locke told KSL TV. “He’s been laundering money for the Russian government or mobster union or whoever. He’s nothing but a crime boss running our country.”

Greg Bishop says he’s a lawyer, and he’s read all the reports leading up to now.

“It’s kind of a no-brainer, and people need to stand up and let him know that nobody is above the law,” he said.

There was also an impeachment¬†rally in St George outside of Republican Rep. Chris Stewart’s Southern Utah office. It was organized in part by Salt Lake Indivisible, which has supported or organized other protests or rallies on various other issues in the past.

Mentions of McAdams drew cheers from the crowd, but they booed when speakers mentioned Utah’s other congressmen, all Republicans, who plan to vote no on impeachment. Those congressmen have consistently blasted the process as unfair and unjustified.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican, says he will act as an impartial juror and will listen to all sides if and when this reaches the Senate. Utah’s senior senator, Republican Mike Lee, has declined to comment.