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Utah Senator Mike Lee says Nancy Pelosi is scared

A former presidential candidate is criticizing Utah Senator Mike Lee for what he said at a rally for President Trump. (Photo: Hans Koepsell / KSL File Photo)

Utah Senator Mike Lee says he knows why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is delaying sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

“This thing is a gigantic hobgoblin for her. She’s freaked out by it and does not want to entrust us with conducting a trial. Why? She knows it will end very badly for her,” he said live on Fox News Thursday night.

And if she doesn’t send it over, “It’s like a tree that falls in the forest with no one there to hear it,” he said.

Lee says the impeachment was a shoddy job in an effort to ram it through, but any attempt to extort the Senate will backfire.

He told Fox News that the President has not done anything impeachable or anything wrong.

Lee also told the Deseret News that democrats might be holding out for terms that will give the case a better chance.

Senator Mitt Romney continues to withhold judgement.