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Police identify man who ignited chase with SWAT team on Friday

A mugshot of the man West Jordan police believe prompted a small chase with West Jordan Police Department and SWAT team Friday morning. Photo: Salt Lake County Sheriff

WEST JORDAN — Police identified the man they believe prompted a small chase with West Jordan Police Department and SWAT team Friday morning.

Police arrested Aaron Michael Gudmundson, 37, on suspicion of failing to stop or respond at the command of police. If convicted, he will charged with a third-degree felony, as well as three misdemeanors including criminal trespassing.

A West Jordan police officer tried to pull the man over near Bangerter Highway and Woodgreen Avenue after Gudmundson reportedly drove through a red light, according to a probable cause statement. The officer turned on his lights while driving behind Gudmunson’s car when the man reportedly led officers on a small chase.

The statement says the officer then stopped following “as the suspect began going into oncoming traffic and narrowly missing other vehicles,” the statement says.

Investigators said Friday he drove away toward a stranger’s house where he hid in the backyard for over an hour.

The officer found the car again when Gudmundson “stopped the vehicle in a driveway and began running away on foot,” according to the  statement.

West Jordan Sergeant JC Holt said the suspect reportedly had a gun and threatened to harm himself if the officers got near him.

“After chasing the suspect a short distance,” Holt told, “that suspect yelled back to the officer, ‘Don’t chase me!’” and held the gun to his head.

“Eventually he jumped up ontop of a shed where he had more of a vantage point,” Holt said. “There began to be some dialogue between him and the officers.”

Officers then called a SWAT team to contain the area.

The man eventually surrendered to be taken into police custody. Holt said police were investigating the situation, including whether the man was driving a stolen car.

Gudmundson was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation before being booked, police said Friday.