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Marijuana dispensary opens over the Utah-Nevada state line

West Wendover is opening its first marijuana dispensary right on the Utah border. (Felicia Martinez | KSLTV)

WEST WENDOVER, Nevada — A recreational and medical marijuana dispensary opened Monday, December 30th in Northeastern Nevada near the Utah border.

It’s called Deep Roots Harvest, and it opened at 8AM. Some had said they expected a line waiting, but that was not the case.

Nevada passed recreational marijuana almost three years ago, but some city officials fought against allowing dispensaries in West Wendover. The council voted last year to allow just one license.

The owner told the Elko Daily he believes vapes, pre-rolled cannabis, and edibles will be the store’s biggest sellers.

But if Utahns drive out, they’ll need to remember it is illegal to transport marijuana across state lines. Also, casinos won’t permit it on their gaming floors, and it cannot be consumed in public.