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UDOT job will enforce and educate new traction law for the canyons

File Photo KSL TV

New Year’s Day a big winter storm should be coming. UDOT is expecting on the holiday for more people to try to go skiing.

But it could mean major problems and backups again in the canyons.

“The problem you get with one lane up the canyon and one lane down, is if one person is unprepared, it slows everyone down. And when traffic stops, the plows stop, and everything comes to a halt,” said Jake Brown, UDOT Roadway operations manager for the Cottonwood Canyons.

There is a new traction law this year.

“We want everyone to be ready to go, and have the right tires and right traction, and be ready for the next couple of days,” said Brown.

UDOT is hiring someone to help them enforce the new traction law, and educate people to have the right chains or tires.

That new person will be stationed at the base of the canyon.

“Making sure we get people heading up the canyon with proper tires, or proper traction devices on, so that things can go a little more smoothly,” said Brown.

He said Unified Police can’t be there all the time to check traction devices at the bottom of the canyon.

The next storm is expected to give a lot of snow to the cottonwood canyons, but also the valleys, benches and the northern mountains.