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Construction changes boarding process for some fliers at Salt Lake International Airport
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Construction changes boarding process for some fliers at SLC

(Passengers at the security checkpoint at Salt Lake International. Credit: Paul Nelson)

SALT LAKE CITY – Things are looking different at Salt Lake International, and it could throw some travelers off, if they’re not ready for it.  The boarding process could take a little longer for some flyers.

Construction crews are demolishing the remaining arm of Concourse Three as part of their plan to give the airport a complete overhaul.  This means passengers can’t do their normal routine of checking in at the gate then walking onto the plane.  Spokesperson Nancy Volmer says the airport has to do something they call “hardstanding.”

“Passengers will be going to a gate and taking a shuttle that will transport them to their aircraft,” she says.

Only Delta and SkyWest airlines are going to be affected by this construction, and Volmer says only shorter, regional flights come out of that part of the airport.  She says airport officials and Delta have been preparing for these changes for months.

“We have been looking into how to make the best accommodations for the passengers, but, it is a change.  There are about 46 flights, per day, that will be impacted now through September 15th,” she says.

This isn’t expected to cause major delays at the airport, but Volmer says this process does take longer for people to get to and from their planes.

She says, “It’s always a good idea to plan some extra time.”

A new parking garage, terminal and two concourses are expected to be ready by September of this year.  The entire project is expected to be finished by 2024 or 2025.