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UDOT sticker program launches for cottonwood canyons

A new sticker program launched today for Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. UDOT and Unified Police inspected cars, making sure the tires are equipped to drive in the canyon areas when they get snow. Photo: Mary Richards

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — Snowy weather often means restrictions go into effect for Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, but a new sticker program should help get cars going through there faster.

At the Utah Department of Transportation Cottwonwood Maintenance Shed, cars, trucks and SUVs were coming in a steady stream throughout Wednesday morning.

Each car that drove in got a quick but thorough check from UDOT employees and Unified Police, before getting a sticker placed in the windshield. UDOT spokesman John Gleason explains what they were looking for.

“Four wheel drive or chains, and the proper tread, but if they had two wheel drive, they needed a three peak mountain snowflake tire icon,” he said.

This pilot program has room for about 5,000 residents and employees who live or work up the canyons.

“Whenever it snows and restrictions are in effect, generally have a long line of cars trying to get up the canyons, and it can be a stressful thing for our crews and unified police out there trying to inspect the vehicles,” said Gleason.

There’s also hope that by having more cars qualify for this sticker, they are less likely to slide off or crash or get stuck and cause big delays in the canyons during snowy winter weather.

Later this sticker program could expand to the public.