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Car, UTA bus collide head-on in Farmington

Photo: Mary Richards, KSL

FARMINGTON — Two drivers had to go to the hospital after a crash between a car and a UTA bus in Farmington.

It happened on 200 East just past Glovers Lane.

Police say a witness saw the car weaving in and out of traffic before crossing into the bus’s southbound lane and slamming into it head-on.

“As far as the exact injuries for the driver of the sedan, I do not know. He was in a lot of pain. The driver of the UTA bus was more shaken up than anything,” said Farmington Police Sgt. Brian Cooper.

One passenger on the bus at the time was not injured.

Cooper says they’ll do some tests on the driver of the car as they investigate what happened.

“We are handling the investigation of the accident here. UTA will do their own internal investigation. As part of our investigation, we will try to rule things out,” he said.

That includes looking into drunk or impaired driving, a medical condition, distracted driving, or speeding.

Both the bus and car were damaged; the car nearly folded in half. Tow trucks took both vehicles away from the scene.