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Classmates celebrate 6-year-old’s final chemotherapy treatment

The young fighter getting the hero's welcome he deserves. JO gets a standing ovation from classmates after he beats Leukemia. (Photo Credits: WJW, MSN News)

This photo has gone viral for phenomenal reasons. John Oliver Zippay is pictured celebrating his last IV chemotherapy treatment in December, three years after his diagnosis.

JO was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a common childhood cancer of the blood and bone marrow; At just 6 years old, he is finally cancer-free.

JO’s celebration for his accomplishment was complete with a little help from friends and family. They lined the halls of St. Helen Catholic School and cheered JO on as he walked through.

In the sweet video captured by mom, Megan Zippay you can see how happy JO is from the immense amounts of support he receives. The video is shared on the Facebook page “Help John Oliver FIGHT Leukemia” where the public can read more about his battle.

JO and his parents can finally breathe again after 3 years of grueling doctors’ appointments, daily chemotherapy, and monthly doctor visits. The family is very thankful for the outpour of support they have received and the health of their son.