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Get Healthy Stay Healthy – 7 Simple Tips for Getting Healthy Now and Staying Healthy into Old Age

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This article about how to get healthy stay healthy is sponsored by OsteoStrong Syracuse.

You hear a lot about how to be healthy, but something that often isn’t talked about is how to be healthy well into the future. Now is the time to start thinking about it no matter what your age. So what can you do to prepare to be healthy now and not when AARP starts sending you letters? To help you, here are 7 ways to prepare to be healthy in old age.

1. Exercise

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There’s no question that exercise will help you be healthier. But what exercises can help you as you age? First, try yoga! Yoga will help to promote your flexibility and balance. With falls being one of the biggest health risks to the elderly, yoga can help prevent the issues that can cause them. You can also do strength training too. People naturally lose muscle as they age, but working on some strength training can vastly help offset deterioration as you age.

2. Healthy Eating

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Your diet is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on a diet. Instead, focus on how you eat. The Mayo Clinic suggests loading up “on veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and low-fat dairy.” Plus they also say to “eat less fatty meats, butter, sugar, salt, and packaged foods.” The good news for you is that studies have shown that healthy eating like this can help you live longer and protect against heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even cancer.

3. Mental Health

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To start, focus on getting enough sleep. While adults are supposed to be getting seven to nine hours of good sleep, many people don’t. The CDC says that 1 in 3 adults in the US don’t get enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has some great tips you can try. But sleep should be on your priority list to have better mental health. Next, make sure you are staying connected to people in your life. This might be easier said than done. People are busy, but it’s been shown that social interaction can help with mental cognition will into your later years. So develop good social habits now, and go out and have some fun.

4. OsteoStrong

If you’ve been told you are at high risk of osteoporosis there’s more that you can do to minimize its impacts on you besides just taking a lot of vitamin D and drinking your milk. That’s where OsteoStrong comes in. With OsteoStrong you can improve bone density, strength and balance in less than 10 minutes a week. The process Ph.D. John Jaquish created called osteogenic loading, is only available at OsteoStrong. It may look like a gym, but you can show up in casual everyday clothing and do your sessions quickly and with little effort. And you can walk out after your recovery and move on with your day. What’s even better about OsteoStrong in Syracuse is that it can actually improve your workouts too because the system actually promotes muscle development since your bones will be stronger. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to make sure your bones are going to be as strong as possible as you age.

5. Regular Dentist Appointments

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For some people, going to the dentist is like pulling teeth. A little tooth humor there… Anyway, going to the dentist for your regular 6-month checkup is way more important than you might think. Why? Your heart. While studies have not confirmed that there is a link between heart health and the condition of your teeth, there is a lot of empirical evidence that the condition of your teeth can keep your ticker tockin’. Plus, having regular checkups with your dentist can minimize the chances of gum disease, tooth loss, bacterial infections in the bloodstream, and even diabetes which would lead to further heart issues.

6. Wear Sunscreen

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It seems simple but sunscreen can go a very long way. Not only can it help prevent wrinkles, but it can also help prevent skin diseases and skin cancer later in life. Melanoma is much more prevalent in people 70 and older and is much more difficult to treat. Protect your skin now by slathering up with good old sunscreen!

7. Don’t Ignore Your Health

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Make your appointments for all of your annual checkups. Just do it. Your health should be just as important as anyone else in your life. Also, and this is super important: quit smoking! If you are a smoker you are drastically reducing your life expectancy. If you want to be around as long as possible, just quit smoking. Need some resources? Check them out here.

How To Be Healthy In Old Age: Get Healthy Stay Healthy

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Live your best healthy life now! Because the healthier you are now, the healthier you’ll stay as you age!