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Farmington Avalanche death
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Family of Farmington avalanche victim say faith gives them strength

Photo of Chase Adams, 18, who died after an avalanche was trigged in Farmington Canyon. Photo from Ben Adams.

FARMINGTON, Utah — A Farmington father is thanking rescuers for retrieving his son’s body from an avalanche.

Chase and Ben Adams were snowmobiling near Farmington Peak this weekend when Chase was caught in the avalanche and died. His father, Ben, says he will be reunited with his son someday and thanked those who helped the rescue efforts.

Ben Adams said his faith gives him strength. He thanked the community of Farmington, including bystanders, first responders and hospital workers who came together to try and save his son.

“We spent the day at a location that is dear to me and my boys. We had a wonderful day doing what we love to do. When the snow slid, I was shocked, but I had a feeling everything was going to be OK,” Ben Adams said in a statement released to media.

Rescuers arrived on the scene within minutes. They pulled Chase Adams out about 30 minutes after he was buried under 20 feet of snow, but the teen died at the hospital. He is the second person to die in an avalanche in Utah this season.

Avalanche danger remains “considerable” or “moderate” for much of northern Utah, according to the Utah Avalanche Center.

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