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Alta High students may face charges after locker room fight

Two Alta High School students may face criminal charges after a locker room fight broke out Wednesday, leaving one hospitalized. (

SANDY, Utah — A high school student was hospitalized after a fight broke out in the boy’s locker room Wednesday, leaving him in serious condition, according to officials from Canyons School District and Sandy City Police Department.

Several Alta High students witnessed the fight between the two male student-athletes, with some noting verbal confrontation before the fight broke out.

“We do understand that tempers can flare around athletic activity but still there is an expectation of behavior,” Jeff Haney, Canyons School District spokesperson, said to

Police say they are still investigating the situation, not releasing the names of the students involved. Canyons School District also declined to comment on potential disciplinary action.

“As far as altercations that take place at schools, they do happen but usually not to this degree,” Sergeant Jason Nielsen with the Sandy Police Department said to

However, officials say the two students may face criminal charges. The district said incidents of this nature can result in suspension or expulsion for involved students.

A student witness reported to that several students were present at the fight, documenting the altercation with their cellphones.

Haney said it’s possible there weren’t any adults present at the time.

Police haven’t made any arrests and the student was still in the hospital as of Friday.

“Obviously, physical altercations aren’t the way to go,” Nielsen said. “If somebody gets hurt, it’s a no-win situation for both sides.”