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Utah Senators on impeachment trial: Romney pledges open mind; Lee says defense is strong

Sens Mike Lee (left) and Mitt Romney (right) (US Senate)

WASHINGTON DC– Utah Senator Mitt Romney sent a letter to constituents ahead of the impeachment trial in the senate.

He wrote he will oppose efforts to decide on witnesses and evidence before opening arguments.

He’s sticking to the plan modeled after President Clinton’s impeachment trial. But he’s only one of a few Republicans to do so.

Romney said he goes into this with an open mind, recognizing his solemn responsibility to fulfill his oath.


Mike Lee

Meanwhile, Senator Mike Lee says the defense is straight forward. He told the Deseret News he anticipates a defense from President Trump that won’t pull any punches.

He says they’ll argue the entire proceeding has been unfair, and the merits of the case can’t hold up.

“In my view, up until this point, we’ve heard witness after witness in the house of representatives, and we’ve heard nothing new really since October. What we’ve seen is witnesses that have stated their opinion, but nothing that points to an impeachable defense,” Lee told KSL NewsRadio’s Dave and Dujanovic.

Lee said the Obstruction of Congress article is a made-up thing, and the President did not do anything wrong in that phone call to Ukraine.

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