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Ogden boy praised after reporting dropped, loaded handgun at school

Police and school officials in Ogden say a boy did the right thing by getting an adult when he found a loaded gun lying outside the school. (Photo: Mindy Ostberg)

OGDEN, Utah — Police and school officials say a boy did the right thing by getting an adult when he found a loaded handgun at school, right outside the building.

Mindy Ostberg had just dropped her girls off at Odyssey Elementary School Wednesday morning when a boy tapped on her car window. He told her he found a gun by the kitchen door.

“He took me to where he found it,” Ostberg said. “But the whole time walking over there he was nervous to talk to me, because he said he was not supposed to talk to strangers. I told him sometimes you have to, and that it was okay.”

Ostberg made sure no one came near the gun, and she called 911. The principal also came out.

“Once I found out it was actually loaded, it freaked me out,” she said. “Anyone could have picked it up and played with it, and that could have been the end of it. That could have been my kid. That could have been the end of my kid.”

Police still investigating handgun at school

Ogden police say the gun was a Ruger Mark II handgun.

The Ogden School District said there was never a threat to students. However, they said any weapon at school is danger.

The district released a statement Wednesday writing, “We commend the student and the parent for their awareness and vigilant dedication to school safety. Their actions helped protect themselves and all others at the school.”

Ogden police are reviewing surveillance footage to see how the weapon got there. CSI is processing the gun, and confirm it is an ongoing investigation.

“The gun did not come up as stolen, and we are trying to find the owner,” Lt. Brian Eynon said.

Officials say boy did the right thing

Eynon praised the boy for getting an adult instead of dealing with the problem on his own.

“Parents, teach your children that it’s a machine,” he said. “It’s not going to do anything unless you handle it.”

The district said people should say something if they see something: “We will continue to educate our community about the importance of that simple phrase and to encourage a culture of student safety.”

Last year, the Utah Attorney General’s office launched a campaign for schools to teach students what to do when they come across a gun. It’s called “L.E.T.S. Stay Safe.”  The videos and handouts all share the same message: if you come across a gun, don’t touch it, and get an adult.

Roughly four in 10 Utah households have a firearm.


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