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Haynie Family 16-year-old identified and charged
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16-year-old accused Grantsville shooter is formally charged and identified

(Photo: Ryan Meeks)

TOOELE — The 16-year-old Grantsville boy, identified as Collin Jeffery “CJ” Haynie, who is accused of killing his three siblings and mother was formally charged on Wednesday with four counts of aggravated murder. Additional charges include aggravated murder and five counts of discharging a firearm.

Wednesday, Tooele County Attorney Scott Broadhead held a news conference disclosing additional details of the murders. He did not offer a possible motive for the murders of four members of the Haynie family, but said it did not fit the idea of someone “snapping.”

“This happened over a five hour period,” Broadhead said, explaining police believe the 16-year-old waited for various family members to come home.

Details released by prosecutors

Police say CJ Haynie stayed home from school on Friday, January 17, in order to carry out the shootings. They believe CJ killed his mother, Consuelo, and 12-year-old sister, Milan, as they returned home from school around 1 p.m. on Friday. Then, Broadhead said, police believe he waited for his other siblings, 14-year-old Matthew and 15-year-old Alexis, to arrive home from school.

According to charging documents, Colin Haynie, who was Consuelo’s husband and the father of CJ and his siblings, told police his son told him he intended to kill everyone in the home except himself.

Police and prosecutors still don’t have any idea of a motive.

“We all have the same questions. Why? We don’t know. Hopefully that’ll be developed through time,” Broadhead said.

The investigation continues. Because CJ Haynie is a 16-year-old, even though he is being charged as an adult, the maximum penalty he could face if convicted is life in prison without parole. The death penalty is not an option, Broadhead said.

Community outreach

The funeral for all four Haynies who died is scheduled for Friday, January 24, at noon at the Grantsville Stake Center. A viewing will be held at the same location starting at 10 a.m. Consuelo, Alexis, Matthew and Milan Haynie will be interred at the Grantsville Cemetery.

The community has been reaching out to help since the shooting. At least $86,000 was raised via an online fundraiser* to help with funeral costs, medical bills and repairing the Haynie home.  Also, a candlelight vigil was held Monday night where a statement from the family.

Chubby’s Cafe in Tooele will be raising money in the Haynie Family Fundraiser on Monday, January 27 during all business hours.

Haynie Family Fundraiser at Chubby's Cafe Monday January 27 during business hours.

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