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Polls show tax referendum may have passed in November

Utah lawmakers approved taxing new services when they met in special session this week. Here is a look at some of those new services. (Image credit: Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY — Two new polls imply the referendum effort would have likely succeeded to overturn the tax reform package at the ballot box.

Lawmakers and Utah’s governor announced Thursday the tax reform bill will be repealed.

The first poll, completed by Dan Jones and obtained by, was done in the second week of January. It shows 57 percent of Utahns supported the referendum effort, while 35 percent were opposed.

And a Deseret News-Hinkley Institute poll January 15-22 found 68 percent of Utah voters were opposed to the key elements of the tax reform bill. Just 17% said they were in favor, and 15% weren’t sure how they felt.

Referendum backers said they had turned in more than 152,000 signatures, far more than they needed for the ballot. More than 81,000 of those signatures were verified so far.

These new surveys suggest voters would have approved the referendum on the ballot in November. That would have made things difficult for the legislature.

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