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Cyclamen care | KSL Greenhouse Show

close-up of colorful cyclamen

SALT LAKE CITY — With Valentine’s day coming up, this plant is a reliable and loved staple for your sweetheart!

But, cyclamen requires a little more attention than other house plants. With the right information, you will be sure to succeed in cyclamen care.

Where is Cyclamen from?

C. persicum is native to the eastern Mediterranean. Species flowers are rose-pink to lavender-white or white. Florist’s cyclamen are frost-tender hybrids derived from C. persicum. They feature clumps of long-stalked basal dark green leaves often variegated with silver blotching or veining.

How does  Cyclamen survive?

Cyclamen is best grown in pots in light, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade.

pink cyclamen