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electrocution power pole Salt Lake City
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Man fatally electrocuted in Salt Lake City

A man was fatally electrocuted after the elevated platform he was working on hit some power lines in Salt Lake City. (Photo credit: KSL Newsradio reporter Kelli Pierce)

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City firefighters say a man was fatally electrocuted while working near power lines on Thursday morning.

Fire Captain Anthony Burton says the man was standing on an elevated platform parked on 200 East near Burton Avenue when the accident happened around 11:30 Thursday morning .

“They hit the [power] lines in between, and that’s when the incident occurred,” Burton said.

The identity of the victim has not been released, and investigators are trying to figure out how the accident happened.

“It doesn’t appear at this time it was a power company employee. But, unfortunately, as they were doing whatever work at heights, their elevated platform impacted some power lines,” Burton said.

The wet weather does not appear to be a factor in the accident.

The area surrounding the accident site was without power for approximately one hour.