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Sen. Mike Lee: Trump is not guilty

Mike Lee makes his closing remarks during the impeachment trial hearings, saying he will vote to acquit President Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON — Mike Lee announced he will vote to acquit President Donald Trump during the final vote that will close out the impeachment trial Wednesday.

Lee said what Trump did was not criminal, was not impeachable and was not wrong. In fact, Lee said President Trump did what the country would have wanted to look out for its best interests.

According to Lee, Trump withheld aid for a short time to see if the newly-elected president of Ukraine could be trusted. Trump merely asked the Ukrainian president to look into a Ukrainian company, Lee said.

Lee said this act is not an impeachable offense because it was not a high crime or misdemeanor.

He continued to say that the American people can’t remove President Donald Trump for doing what the law and the U.S. constitution permits him to do.

Lee called on his colleagues in the Senate, saying they’ve sworn an oath to stand up for the American people and those they’ve elected — which is why they should vote ‘Not Guilty’ against what he calls “flawed articles of impeachment.”

“I’m voting to defend the president’s actions,” Lee said. “I’m voting for the principle of freedom.”


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