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Rally supports Romney’s impeachment vote

Around 50 people gathered outside the Salt Lake City Federal Building.

SALT LAKE CITY — Some 50 people stood in the snow Wednesday night for a rally to show their support for Senator Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote.

They say they saw the pushback he was getting online for his vote in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

“I’m just really glad we have a senator here who isn’t just a pushover,” said Susan Finlayson.

The rally was organized by Salt Lake Indivisible. People held signs saying “#Resist,” and “Thank you for your courage to convict.” A smaller group also gathered in Provo, with “Thank you, Mitt” signs.

“I feel the right thing to do was vote to convict. I think the corruption is real, the cover up is real,” said Elliot Farris.

President Trump reacted on Twitter to Senator Romney’s vote. He tweeted that if Romney had devoted the same energy to defeating Barack Obama he could had won that election. He also shared a minute long video attacking Romney as a democrat secret asset.

Organizers of the Salt Lake rally told people there is was now time to vote the president out of office in November.

Two recent polls showed more than half of Utahns approve of the job President Trump is doing.

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