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Planting perennials can add variety and color to your yard.
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New Trends in Pretty Perennial Plants 

Planting perennials can add variety and color to your yard. Photo:

SALT LAKE CITY — Horticulturist Liz Hamilton joined the KSL Greenhouse show on Saturday to talk about new trends and new varieties of the ever-popular and pretty perennial 

Perennials are primarily flowering plants that live for over two years, blooming in Spring and Summer. They come in many varieties that add color, texture, and character to your yard. Scientists and nurseries consistently cultivate new types of perennials and Hamilton has a couple of new, and newer, flowers to tell you about.  

The Lenten Rose 

The lenten rose, or Hellebore, is an early spring flower that gets its common name due to the fact it often blooms around Lent. Terra Nova Nurseries has a new line of lenten roses called North Star that have double blooms, rich colors, and do well in shady conditions.  

The Pincushion Flower 

The pincushion flower, or Scabiosa, is another colorful addition to your garden this season. These flowers resemble their namesake pincushion as they can be described as a puff of petals with spikey protrusions. ThMonrovia Giga Scabiosa flower is a newer compact variety known for its sturdiness. This plant is shorter with thicker stalks that help prevent the blossom from flopping, making it a great cut-flower. They have a silver-blue bloom and do well in sunny conditions 

Listen to Hamilton’s full description of these flowers and give advice for their care on our podcast online or on your favorite podcasting platform. 

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