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Censure Mitt Romney, Romney claims corruption in commutation of Roger Stone's sentence
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Efforts ended to censure Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney wants to shore up Social Security as part of the next coronavirus relief bill. (PHOTO Credit: Laura Seitz, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah state lawmakers dropped two efforts to censure Mitt Romney for his impeachment vote in the Senate.

The House Republican caucus met behind closed doors Tuesday and decided there wasn’t full support. House speaker Brad Wilson said there was “robust debate.”

One bill would have officially censured Senator Romney for his vote. Another wanted to set up a way to recall a U.S. Senator.

Reports are that some legislators wanted to move on from the topic. But others still wanted to censure Mitt Romney.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said through a spokesperson that he doesn’t feel the bill to censure Romney is warranted.

Wilson said the legislature may still send a letter to President Trump, thanking him for what he’s done for Utah.

That citation will also ask Congress to put the impeachment process behind them.

The GOP state central committee will meet later this month and talk about their resolution to demand Romney support the President or resign.

A new poll showed more Utahns feel more positive about Romney than negative.



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