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flowers to send on valentine's day
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Top 10 flowers to send on Valentine’s Day | KSL Greenhouse

Need help picking flowers to send on Valentine’s Day?

Picking out flowers to give on Valentine’s Day can be intimidating at first; however, understanding the significance can really make a difference in selecting the best plants and flowers to send this Valentine’s day! Here are KSL Greenhouse Show’s Top picks!


 flowers to send on Valentine's Day

As the top choice for Valentine’s day you can’t go wrong with this selection. Choose either a single rose, bouquet or even a rose plant!  

To keep roses alive longer it is best to change your vase water and re cut the flowers after 2-3 days. Be sure to use sharp clippers to cut at an angle to avoid crushing stems. 


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Tulips are the second most popular flower given on Valentine’s day as an affordable and meaningful option.  


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Lilies are a beautiful selection to amaze your loved one! From stargazer lilies to Calla lilies either choice will make them swoon with their sweet fragrance and lasting power.  


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Carnations are a very simple flower that can match any personality. As carnations are often called the flower of love, they are perfect for valentine’s day and come in a great variety of colors. These flowers are also great in bouquets and arrangement’s as they are easily paired with many other flowers.  


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Orchids are an elegant and perfect gift for Valentine’s day as they symbolize exotic and rare beauty. Choose either a single moth orchid or mini orchids to place together for a bigger arrangement. When you gift an orchid, you are gifting a potential houseplant that can be cherished for many years to come! 


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Chrysanthemums symbolize joy and come from the daisy family with a variety of brightly colored flowers. Choose your color thoughtfully to overwhelm your loved one by its beauty Valentine’s day.  


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Kalanchoe is a popular plant on Valentine’s day as their vibrancy makes a great addition to any home! 


flowers to send on Valentine's Day

Another Valentine’s favorite! Cyclamen stand for sincere and maternal love, deliver these as a potted plant and dress it up in a loving container to showcase its essence long after Valentine’s Day.  


The Anthurium flower is actually shaped like a heart, making it a great staple for love. In addition to its heart shape, Anthurium have a great life span with the right care and can make a beautiful flower display for years to come.  

Heart leaf Philodendron  


Another great heart shaped plant! Heart leaf Philodendron is also known as sweetheart plant. This is an excellent choice for an entry level gardener! Include this plant in a hanging basket to showcase the flow of its leaves anywhere in the household.  


Regardless of what plant or flower you choose to go with, any choice will be exceptional to give this Valentine’s Day.

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