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Boys anonymously buy Valentines for every girl in their grade at Farmington Jr High

Ninth-grade girls in gym class enjoy reading their candygrams. (Photo: Davis School District)

FARMINGTON, Utah — A group of ninth-grade boys at Farmington Junior High pooled their money to anonymously buy Valentines for every girl in their grade.

“The girls loved it. There were so many who were just excited,” said student government advisor Eric Pratt. “I’ve heard from parents they were so excited, because their girls had never received a candygram in all three years they’d been at the school.”

There were 219 girls, meaning 219 candygrams and a $219 bill. The group of 11 boys raised the money themselves.

Pratt says the boys wanted to remain anonymous. They stayed after school for hours this week to write a personal, handwritten message on each candygram.

Some of them are in student government, so they helped deliver the Valentines to their classmates and saw their reactions.

Valentines for every girl

“This is something they [will] remember for years to come I hope,” said Pratt. “I think part of the reason is that it is contagious. Once one person shows kindness, the ripple effect is awesome.”

He says they focus on kindness in their school, and have a kindness club. But he did not reveal who the boys were, even when people wanted to know so they could thank them.

He said they are good boys, and good students. They were raised right and are always trying to do what’s right.

Pratt even said the office secretary offered to help write all those notes, but the students wanted to do it themselves.