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People across the country are helping an elderly Utah woman buy a house

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

NORTHERN UTAH – Jeremi Harnack never expected to be working as a cashier at age 69. But then her husband lost their life savings in a series of Nigerian and romance scams he hid from her.

Harnack’s husband never apologized for what happened, so the longtime housewife and mom says she divorced him and got a job as a cashier.

It was a difficult transition even though she likes her job.

“At 69-years-old, you can’t really very easily get a job in anything when you haven’t had more than, like, lower-level positions,” Harnack remembers.

A friend decided to set-up a Go Fund Me account to help Harnack buy a home to live. Harnack has been overwhelmed with the response from people across the country, who have raised more than $67,000 to help her.

“I’m just totally overwhelmed just by the generosity of people. I’m humbled by the fact that over a thousand people were willing to give to help me,” Harnack says.

And some of those donating say they gave their last five dollars to the cashier.

Harnack does not plan on quitting and says if she makes more than the $120,000 goal, the extra donations will be given to homeless charities.

People who want to give can click on the link to Harnack’s Go Fund Me account here–>