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February Station Highlights

Morning News with Tim and Amanda

On Friday, February 6th, we had the perfect “triple” news storm—breaking local news, severe weather, and emergency traffic. All of this intersected at the beginning of the eight o’clock hour, when we normally go in-depth on the top stories of the day. On this morning, we had a breaking news situation in West Valley with a local reporter on the scene of a domestic shooting. We also had severe weather, with another winter storm affecting the morning drive, and emergency traffic reports throughout. Finally, the original lead story was team coverage localizing the coronavirus in Utah—from two people being monitored for exposure to it, and a Utah company developing a rapid test kit.

Dave & Dujanovic (1:00)

The 90 minutes that cost Principal Ford White his job

Just days after announcing through his attorney that he had been fired, former West High School principal Ford White told his side of the story. He sat down with Dave & Dujanovic for an in-depth live interview to talk us through the morning that led to his firing. He revealed the other incidents he dealt with that morning, including a trespassing former student who had assaulted a teacher there, and a suicidal student. He agreed to the interview, even with the understanding that the interview might jeopardize his case.

Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson (1:42)

On Feb 11, Boyd welcomed Dr. Robert Marbut to the show. Dr. Marbut is the head of U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. The in-studio interview provided high-level insight on homeless issues both on a national and local level.

Live Mic with Lee Lonsberry (2:25)

The vote on the U.S. Senate Floor on whether to convict or acquit the President of the articles of impeachment took place on January 5 during Live Mic with Lee Lonsberry. Lee broke the news of the vote and gave breaking commentary on this historic moment. Earlier that morning we heard from Sen. Mitt Romney that he would be voting to convict for the first article and Lee worked this into the coverage as it was happening live. Sen. Mike Lee was also on the program earlier in the afternoon with his reaction to his colleague’s decisive decision. This was a great example of Lee using the audio from the floor, his own experience in Washington and the latest updates all simultaneously.

Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News (3:12)

Utah Senator Mike Lee is a staunch supporter of the President. But in early January, when conflicts with Iran were high, the Senior Senator took to the microphone and blasted the President, his administration and the briefing he received about Iran. His reaction went viral. Senator Mike Lee’s face lit up every single television station for hours afterward, if not days.

And Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News… had him on VERY FIRST after that rant.