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Total ban on vaping proposed by Utah lawmaker

State Representative Paul Ray is proposing a total ban on vaping in Utah if other bills can't be coordinated. (Photo: Getty Images Vape)

SALT LAKE CITY — One Utah lawmaker believes a total ban on vaping may be the answer to the state’s problems. But only as a last resort.

All or nothing

Representative Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, is making one thing clear. He doesn’t want his own bill to become law.

“I don’t want to ban vaping completely,” said Ray.

Instead the bill he has introduced, HB375, is somewhat of a last-resort idea.

He’s introducing the bill as an option if other legislation can’t be coordinated.

“The Senate President (Stuart Adams) said he wants just one vaping bill. Well, I’ve got that bill,” Ray told

Ray says the main danger is flavored vaping ingredients that he believes are specifically targeting minors. In his mind, additional health regulations are needed to prevent vaping outlets from illegally operating.

If those regulations come from elsewhere, that’s great. But if they never materialize, then Representative Ray’s bill will be waiting.

“I’m going to sit on my bill until we see what happens to all these other vaping bills,” Ray said.

Total ban on vaping probability

House Speaker Brad Wilson says he doesn’t know how likely the passage of this bill is, but remarks that it’s indicative of everyone’s frustration on Capitol Hill.

“I do think that it is very reflective of how frustrated policy makers are with all the problems that vaping is causing,” he said in an interview with KSL NewsRadio’s Dave & Dujanovic on Monday. “We’ve got to deal with this.”

According to him, there’s a number of other bills being discussed that are intended to address the issue in a less drastic manner.

“We probably have twelve to fifteen bills this session dealing with vaping and all the negative consequences that are coming to the state of Utah because of it,” explained Wilson. “Paul Ray’s is the most Draconian, obviously.”

As of now, no states have completely banned vaping. Although, several major cities, including San Francisco, have already taken that step.

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