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Utah primary election results
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Do you have your Super Tuesday ballot?

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SALT LAKE CITY – Do you have your Super Tuesday ballot? Tuesday, February 25th is the last day Utahns can request that ballot.

But what if you miss the deadline and still do not have your ballot? Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swenson says there are in-person voting options.

“We also have in-person voting because sometimes people don’t get a ballot, they’ve moved, not updated their address, [or] they may need the amenities of the electronic voting machine, which has an audio ballot,” Swenson said.

This also comes in handy because Utah has same-day voter registration.

“At the in-person voting locations, they can do Election Day or same-day registration,” Swenson says.

She also recommends contacting your county clerk to see where the in-person locations are.

People who receive their mail-in ballots must make sure they’re postmarked no later than March 2nd in order for them to count.

Those who miss that deadline can drop them off at the designated drop off centers on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Takes Heat

Meanwhile, Democratic front runner Senator Bernie Sanders is taking heat from all sides of the political spectrum because of controversial remarks praising Fidel Castro on the television show 60 Minutes.

“We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba,” Sanders said. “But, you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know, when Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program,” Sanders said.

The Vermont Senator had been responding to questions about a video from the 1980s showing Sanders also praising Castro.

Fellow Democrat Mike Bloomberg tweeted, “Fidel Castro left a dark legacy of forced labor camps, religious repression, widespread poverty, firing squads, and the murder of thousands of his own people. But sure, Bernie, let’s talk about his literacy program.”

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