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Olympia Hills Development
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Olympia Hills development moving forward

Kell Bjorn, of Herriman, waits to voice his opposition to the proposed Olympia Hills development during a Salt Lake County Council meeting at the SL County Government Center on Tuesday Feb 25,2020 (Spenser Heaps, KSL)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake County Council gave preliminary approval to a controversial Olympia Hills development near Herriman.

Council members voted 6 to 3 Tuesday in favor of the development. Their final vote is March 3 and expected to get the same support.

“Change happens,” said councilman Jim Bradley.

It is smaller this time. But neighbors say it’s still too large.

The plans call for 6,300 housing units and 1.8 million square feet of retail and office spaces built on 933 acres over the next 25 years.

Many people wore red T-shirts that said, “OHno” on them in the Salt Lake County Chambers.

“The unfortunate thing here is you’ve got unincorporated county making decisions that really impact the balance of cities that surround it,” said Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs.

Developers are already looking ahead. They say the next step is a community structure plan to layout what Phase One might look like.

“We’re excited. We feel like it was a win for not just the development team, but for Herriman and South Jordan,” said development team coordinator Cory Shupe.


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