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Super Tuesday votes and delegate counts could take time in Utah

More Utahns cast ballots on Super Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2020, than any previous presidential primary in the state. But it could take some time to have exact numbers. Photo: John Wojcik, KSL

SALT LAKE CITY — It could take some time before we know just how many people voted in the record-breaking first Super Tuesday presidential primary in Utah – or exactly how many delegates go to which Democratic candidates.

Many Utahns voted by mail, and the last day to get those ballots postmarked was Monday. That means thousands of outstanding votes could trickle into county clerks’ offices over the next few days.

Thousands of people also registered to vote and voted in person on Super Tuesday in Utah.

The Utah Democratic Party says it will also take a few days to figure out the final allocation of Utah’s 29 delegates and six super delegates.

A candidate needs at least 15 percent of the vote either at the state level and in Utah’s four congressional districts to qualify for delegates.

The parties split the pledged delegates into statewide and district-level groups.

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump is likely to get the lion’s share of Utah’s Republican delegates.

KSL NewsRadio will keep you up-to-date at this site as more information becomes available.