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Coronavirus infected Utah man claims he and his wife are getting threats
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Coronavirus infected Utah man claims he and his wife are getting threats

(Mark Jorgensen and his wife, Jerri, at the Port of Yokohama. Credit: Mark Jorgensen, Facebook)

SALT LAKE COUNTY – Things are reportedly becoming more dangerous for a Coronavirus infected Utah man from Saint George, but it has nothing to do with his illness.  He says police are looking into threats being made against him and his wife.

Mark Jorgensen recently got the results back from the latest test he took on Saturday to see if he was still infected with the virus.  Unfortunately for him, the results came back positive, so his stay in quarantine will last a little longer.  Still, he says friends have been supportive and others have even purchased food for him, which has lifted his spirits.

However, among all the positive and supportive comments he’s been getting online, he says there was plenty of pushback from people who wanted him to stay in quarantine in California.

“There were a lot of people commenting at that time saying we should stay away and we should never be allowed back to Saint George,” he tells KSL.

Just recently, this pushback has turned potentially dangerous.  Jorgensen says law enforcement told him people have been making vague online threats from people who want to find out where he’s being treated.

“[Police are] taking it seriously and looking into it.  Apparently, there have been some threats in Saint George about finding out where we live and showing up there,” Jorgensen posted in a Facebook Live video.

Jorgensen says his wife, Jerri, will be essentially staying home and making herself as scarce as possible, even though she shouldn’t have to.  She was tested twice for the virus, and both test came back negative.  That makes her safer to be around than most other people.

“Anyone else that you’re around, you don’t know if they have it, or not.  Well, we know that Jerri does not have it,” he says.

This kind of reaction isn’t just happening in Utah.  Jorgensen says his friend from California is also being shunned because she was on the same ship, even though she never tested positive for the virus.

He says, “Her gym told her she can’t come for a month.  She wanted to get an appointment to get a massage and they wouldn’t do it.  One of their employees got fired from another job because he works with her.”

Jorgensen says his wife has taken self-defense and firearms classes and she knows how to protect herself.


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