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Living plant wall
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Living plant walls | KSL Greenhouse Show

Plants in vertical garden

While at J&J Garden Center and Nursery, we took a look at their new living plant walls! These walls can be great for any home or even business for a new creative way to display and care for plants.

What is a plant wall?

Essentially, plant walls are a unique way to display any type of plants you may have in your house!

“They have these little pockets in them… and you can do anything imaginable whether its house plants, blooming plants, herbs, vegetables.” Andy Stevenson of J&J Garden Center said.

How do you care for the plants?

These plant walls can be an extremely fun and unique way to display your plants, but how does caring for the plants inside the wall work?

“It actually has a pump, that pumps it (water) up, and trickles down through the wall and waters each individual pot,” Stevenson stated.

Why is this unique?

Living plant walls can solutions for business’ to expand their marketing, according to Stevenson.

“Alot of people are going to do patterns like a checkerboard,” said Stevenson.”We are actually going to redo these and do the J&J logo with different plants..”

How can this help those who want to get more into gardening?

Another way to look at this, are for those who may not have enough space for a vegetable garden in their home!

“For someone who is challenged and doesn’t have a large yard, this would be great for maybe vegetable growing.” Maria Shilaos expressed.

Whether you are in a house, apartment, office, whatever it may be.. a plant wall could be a great solution to satisfy your gardening needs.

“This is a little bit more dynamic to where you are plugging things in and out as where some may be permanent and others may be six weeks,” Taun Beddes stated, in regards to how long the plants will last.

How would you use a living plant wall? 



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