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Kaysville police tell the public: Cops need toilet paper, too!

The Kaysville Police Department is speaking out after its public bathrooms have been completely swiped of all its toilet paper. (Getty Images)

KAYSVILLE, Utah — Toilet paper is apparently so scarce in Kaysville, people are stealing it from the police department. A Facebook post from Kaysville PD reads, “Someone has resorted to obtaining all the toilet paper from the KPD’s public restrooms.”

The bathroom is missing something

The post goes on to say the department loves the community, but cops are not immune from needing to be fully stocked.

“The Kaysville Community must be in a state of crisis that someone has resorted to obtaining all the toilet paper from the KPD’s public restrooms,” the post said. “We are here to serve you, but cops need toilet paper too! Let’s go back to the days of obsessing over power poles!”

Officer Joshua Danielson said they noticed this shortage when he got a complaint that the men’s restroom in the public lobby was ‘consistently devoid of toilet paper.’   He believes the women’s room is fine, as no complaints have been received from there.

So far, police have not dusted for fingerprints — but, Danielson said they still need to speak with the people who stock the restrooms to find out the normal rate of refill, and if this current lack of T.P is in line with previous patterns.

“We do have a fully staff detective team on stand-by we need it,” he said. “But at this point, they’ve not been called.”

In the meantime, if you are male and plan to visit the Kaysville City Police Department, you may need to BYOTP.

Residents donate to the cause

Hours after the post made it on Facebook, the police department updated the public on the situation: as it turns out, some residents felt bad so they donated a six-pack of toilet paper rolls.

“You need this more than I do,” they said to the police department as they dropped it off.